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5th Grade Measurement and Geometry

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 5th Grade Measurement and Geometry:  Standards and Practice Problem(s)
5MG.1.0 Students understand and compute the volumes and areas of simple objects.
 EV: 1(8)
5MG.1.1 Derive and use the formula for the area of a triangle and of a parallelogram by comparing it with the formula for the area of a rectangle (i.e., two of the same triangles make a parallelogram with twice the area; a parallelogram is compared with a rectangle of the same area by cutting and pasting a right triangle on the parallelogram).
5MG.1.2 Construct a cube and rectangular box from two-dimensional patterns and use these patterns to compute the surface area for these objects.
5MG.1.3 Understand the concept of volume and use the appropriate units in common measuring systems (i.e., cubic centimeter [cm3], cubic meter [m3], cubic inch [in3], cubic yard [yd3]) to compute the volume of rectangular solids.
5MG.1.4 Differentiate between, and use appropriate units of measures for, two-and three-dimensional objects (i.e., find the perimeter, area, volume).
5MG.2.0 Students identify, describe, and classify the properties of, and the relationships between, plane and solid geometric figures.
5MG.2.1 Measure, identify, and draw angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, rectangles, and triangles by using appropriate tools (e.g., straightedge, ruler, compass, protractor, drawing software).

Needs to be done by hand or in GeoGebra or with a Smart Notebook with a virtual protractor
5MG.2.2 Know that the sum of the angles of any triangle is 180° and the sum of the angles of any quadrilateral is 360° and use this information to solve problems.
5MG. 2.3 Visualize and draw two-dimensional views of three-dimensional objects made from rectangular solids.



Measurement - addition, area, capacity, conversion, cups, customary units, date, day, decimals, division, elapsed time, Fahrenheit, feet, fractions, gallons, grams, grams, height, hours, inches, indirect measure, kilograms, kilometers, length, mass, measurement, meters, metric, metric units, minutes, mixed numbers, money, month, multiplication, number sense, ounces, parallelograms, perimeter, pints, polygons, pounds, prism, problem solving, quarts, rectangles, reflection, ruler, similar, squares, squares, standard units, subtraction, symmetry, temperature, thermometers, time, time zones, trapezoids, triangles, unit conversion, volume, weight, whole numbers, yards, year

Geometry - 3-dimensional, acute angles, angles, circles, clockwise, cones, congruency, congruent, congruent figures, coordinate geometry, coordinates, counterclockwise, cubes, degrees, diagonals, diameter, direction, distance, edges, faces, flips, geometric properties, heptagons, hexagons, intersecting lines, irregular polygons, line segments, lines, mirror image, nonagons, obtuse angles, octagons, ordered pairs, parallel, parallel lines, parallelograms, pentagons, perimeter, perpendicular, planes, plot, plot coordinates, points, polygons, quadrilaterals, radius, rays, rectangles, rectangular prisms, reflection, regular polygons, rhombus, right angles, right triangles, rotation, shapes, sides, similar, similarity, size change, slide, square pyramids, squares, straight angles, symmetry, transformations, translation, trapezoids, triangles, triangular prisms, triangular pyramids, turns, vertices

These keywords are taken from the ExamView Learning Series!


Source: www.csun.edu/~vcmth00m/practice.html


Home > Mathcasts Library > By Grade Level > K-7 > 5th Grade > 5th Grade Measurement and Geometry



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