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6th Grade Measurement and Geometry

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 6th Grade Measurement and Geometry:  Standards and Practice Problem(s)
6MG.1.0 Students deepen their understanding of the measurement of plane and solid shapes and use this understanding to solve problems.
6MG.1.1 Understand the concept of a constant such as p; know the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle
2 available
6MG.1.2 Know common estimates of p (3.14; 22/7) and use these values to estimate and calculate the circumference and the area of circles; compare with actual measurements.
1 available
6MG.1.3 Know and use the formulas for the volume of triangular prisms and cylinders (area of base x height); compare these formulas and explain the similarity between them and the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid
3 available
6MG.2.0 Students identify and describe the properties of two-dimensional figures.
6MG.2.1 Identify angles as vertical, adjacent, complementary, or supplementary and provide descriptions of these terms.
3 available
6MG.2.2 Use the properties of complementary and supplementary angles and the sum of the angles of a triangle to solve problems involving an unknown angle.
3 available
6MG.2.3 Draw quadrilaterals and triangles from given information about them (e.g., a quadrilateral having equal sides but no right angles, a right isosceles triangle).
2 available



Source: www.csun.edu/~vcmth00m/practice.html 


Home > Mathcasts Library > By Grade Level > K-7 > 6th Grade  > 6th Grade Measurement and Geometry


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