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Algebra with GeoGebra

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Algebra with GeoGebra

      GeoGebra-Math247    (Links to all GeoGebra resources on this site.)

 == You do NOT need to install GeoGebra to use these files === but it's free and great so here's the link: Get GeoGebra

 == You do need the standard JavaSun Player to use these files === it's free too.

Folding Box Problem for Algebra
   by LFS and Dani Novak

User interacts with folding box to find the box with maximum volume

Level: 8th grade and up - Algebra 1

Complete online interactivity for Folding Box for Algebra with
      Good Questions, MetaData and Zips for Offline & School use

Keywords: box, folding, interactivity, volume, maximum, geogebra

Revised: January 2009

Vertical Motion

Height as a quadratic function of time:  Formula


- Now allows: 0<h0<1000 and -100≤v0<100 and both [ft] or [m]

A great activity for physics too!

School Download (GeoGebra Webstart)  Activity  Projector Versions 

     Completely offline coming soon.

Graphing of Linear Inequalities in 2 Variables - Region in the Plane


User interacts in different ways with inequalities in 2 variables in the plane.

Available for download: offline use and school version.

Level: 8th grade and up - Algebra 1

Keywords: lines, linear inequation, inequality, shading, plane, graphing, intersection

Revised: January 2009


Systems of Linear Equations 2x2: Complete InterActivity for Boat in River Current

Understanding the boat in river current problem (standard 2x2 linear system from real-life). Choose the speed of the boat in still water, the speed of the current and the direction of the boat. Then animate and check what happens. Change the direction of the boat and re-animate.

Complete interactivity with simulatorstudent worksheet, teacher guide and answer sheets and including a review of 2x2 linear systems. Available for download and offline use.

Main Page for systems: mathcasts.org/mtwiki/GlossaryT/Systems2



Systems of Linear Equations 2x2:   Some InterActivities for 8th grade and up


Car Race: Slopes and Intercepts

Choose the speed and starting point of red and blue car and then race them.

Activity connects speed and starting position with slope and y-intercept.

Many activities are possible and files for offline use are coming (waiting for GeoGebra 3.1 to be released :)).

If you have ANY SUGGESTIONS about this activity or how to use it in a classroom, please write me! emath@emathforall.com

Main Page for SLOPE: mathcasts.org/mtwiki/GlossaryT/Slope



Learning Slopes - reworked and expanded -and now functioning 10.01.2008! :)

Use GeoGebra to test your skills with finding slopes and linear equations.

 Zip with Menu and all 5 Activities -   Internet (School)   &  Totally Offline

 Meta Data for Activity 

Boat Landing Problem 1 - Using GeoGebra to Simulate Real Problems

An interesting problem made accessible for 8th-10th graders using GeoGebra.


Learning and fun with Quadratics*

GeoGebra Learning: Exploring quadratics and parabolas.

*IMPORTANT: To properly view these files, you need to download and install these 5 fonts TeX-fonts-25.zip in Windows. To download and use offline, you will need jsMath and this js file (placed in jsmath folder).


GeoGebra Menus
  - Lists of open menus wiith tool-icon and commands
         in a handy two-page handout - pdf format.



    Math247 GeoGebra (links to all GeoGebra resources on this site)   Got something special you want to see or show?  Contact me.

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Dani said

at 8:07 pm on Dec 3, 2008

This is very rich, colorful and meaningful set of examples. I used to boat simulator with my class and am planning to try the rest next semester. I recommend these simulators

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