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Favorite GeoGebra Links

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GeoGebra Links - Our Favorite Links for Geometry with GeoGebra

 == You do NOT need to install GeoGebra to use these files === but it's free and great so here's the link: Get GeoGebra

      GeoGebra-Math247    (Links to all GeoGebra resources on this site.)

  • Zen Biker Maniac - GeoGebra examples
  • Robert Fant:  - See his students work with GeoGebra!  Particularly good for educators who want their students to use GeoGebra!   (Robert Fant's Portfolio)
  • Investigating Geometry with GeoGebra  by Steven Lapinski, Henrico County Public Schools
    1. Area: Investigate how the area formulas of polygons are developed and how the are related to each other. Some of the pages were adapted from Manuel Sada's Spanish language mathematics web site.
    2. Polygons: Investigate the sums of the interior and exteriors angles of polygons.
    3. Pythagorean Thm.: Take a look a four visual proofs of this famous theorem. Try your hand solving a puzzle based on a proof. There is also a problem to solve.
    4. Transformations: Explore translations, reflections, and rotations.
    5. Other: Use an on-line protractor to measure angles. Investigate a median of a right triangles. Explore Triangle Side Inequalities with this interactive page.
  • GeoGebra Exercises in Macedonian
  • GeoGebra Exercises in Turkish


    These links are my favorites for different reasons and are listed in random order :) . If you have a link to suggest contact me! LFS


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