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MOVED to geogebrawiki.wikispaces.com

 WIKISPACES is MUCH, MUCH better for GeoGebra than pbworks! 


GeoGebra on Math247        NEW -> Scratch Activities on Math247

What's new?    Building Simulators   Holidays with GeoGebra

Grades: K-7 (Standardized) Grades: 7-14
Number Sense
Algebra and Functions NEW (July 2009) Geometry
Measurement and Geometry  NEW (July 2009) Trigonometry
Statistics, Data Management and Probability Probability & Statistics
 ----------------------------------- Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Teaching with GeoGebra - Classroom Demos NEW (July 2009)

Students Building Simulators - Complete Kits NEW (July 2009)

Vectors and Matrices
Numerical Applications
Other Activities   Glossary Plus   Interactivities Physics


Tutorials for the teacher/developer:  Learn how GeoGebra works and other resources.

  1. GeoGebra for Beginners - Little Steps resources for teachers to understand GeoGebra! NEW (September 2009)
  2. Learn and Use GeoGebra - Step-by-Step resources for educators to learn to use GeoGebra!

GeoGebra/Javascript Lessons - Step-by-Step lessons for educators to learn how to make InterActivities with GeoGebra! 

  • "Try it out" - GeoGebra files to see what can be done and then
  • Mathcasts - audio/video presentations showing exactly what to do plus
  • pdf files with the steps written and illustrated.

Starter Files for GeoGebra - ggb files, scripts and javascript functions so you can make your own exercises

Searchable database to most GeoGebra resources on Math247      or

For the teacher/student: Ready to link exercises for your students or download zips for your own server.

GeoGebra - free dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus

Get GeoGebra                          Got something special you want to see or show?  Contact me.

P.S. We are very interested in developing multilingual interactive resources with GeoGebra. If you live in Europe and are interested in working together and know of international projects available for collaboration between your institution and universities in FYR Macedonia, please feel free to contact us. LFS.

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