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Geometry with GeoGebra

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Geometry with GeoGebra - Step-by-Step Students Learn Geometry with GeoGebra

 == You do NOT need to install GeoGebra to use these files === but it's free and great so here's the link: Get GeoGebra

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      Latest posts - Activity 4 - Parallelograms          How to copy the link         How to use zipped files?

Lesson 1 - Square 1

Why a square is defined by the length of a side by constructing angles of given size ( in this case 90
°) and segments of given size and how to check that two segments with common end point are of the same length.


GeoGebra Menus
  - Lists of open menus wiith tool-icon and commands
         in a handy two-page handout - pdf format.



   Lesson 2 - Side-Angle-Side Triangle Property

Learning: 4 Integrated Lessons:
  • Assemble a triangle from two sides and an angle.
  • Construct a triangle given 2 lengths and 1 angle measure with detailed directions.
  • DIY - Do It Yourself construction like in-class (no directions)
  • Why not just SA? Construction from just 1 length and 1 angle measure to see that SA gives infinitely many triangles.

Activity 3 - Constructing Rectangles


Activity 4 - Constructing Parallelograms


- Numberline Activites with GeoGebra have been moved to the new section:


New Window

- Numberline Activites with GeoGebra have been moved to the new section:

How to copy the link

  • Right-click on "Do the Lesson!"
  • Select "Copy link location
  • Go to where you want to paste the link
  • Right-click and select "Paste"

How to use zipped files

  • One-time
    • Make a new folder.
    • Download: Images_etc.zip (zip of images and geogebra-javascript files)
    • Unzip this file into your new folder.
  • Each lesson
    • Download the zipped file of the lesson you want.
    • Unzip it into this same folder (automatically creates subfolders)

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