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Holidays with GeoGebra

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Theo Jansen's Strandbeest with GeoGebra


Based on JesusF's GeoGebra Construction!


Create your own Strandbeest at GeoGebraWiki

  Step-by-Step Directions, InterActivities,
YouTube Videos, Starter Files



Turkey Days with GeoGebra

Animated      Not-Animated (all shapes can be changed)


Uses Jon Ingram's Bezier Tool for feathers!


Create your own Turkey:
Download GeoGebra File with Bezier Tool

Complete directions:  pdf    doc    docx



Halloween with GeoGebra
Click here to have some fun /download the GeoGebra file!



Directions - pdf & doc & docx




Comments (1)

mhdsys said

at 3:35 am on Nov 10, 2009

Amazing work, thank you for making these files available with explanation.
I would ask you a permission to show these files in my presentation in the International Book Fair in Abu Dhabi
which will take place in March 2010.

Best Regards
Mohamed Al Sayes

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