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Learn and Use GeoGebra

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Learn and Use GeoGebra - Step-by-Step Help on How to Use GeoGebra

Suggestion: If you appreciate these GeoGebra resources please take a minute or two and write a note to their creator:  Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska.  Thanks!  -- Tim Fahlberg, Linda's brother

    Math247 GeoGebra (Links to all GeoGebra resources on this site.)

Other tutorials - GeoGebra for BeginnersStudents Building Simulators and Teaching with GeoGebra

Lesson 1 - Beginning GeoGebra Basics - Points and Lines
Lesson 2 - Horizontal Lines, Angles, Labels with GeoGebra

Lesson 3 - Sliders, Properties, Text
Lesson 4 - Inputs and Disappearing Objects


Lesson 5 - More Inputs, Dynamic Text and Latex
Lesson 6 - Grids, Axes & Drawing Pad
Lesson 7 - Publishing, Interactive Displays - now fixed for ggb7 (thx Kevin!)
Lesson 8 - Functions, Inputs and Derivatives
Lesson 9 - Auxiliary Objects, Format Paint, Polar Coordinate Graph (see GeoGebra Starters

 Lesson 10 Boat Landing Problem 1 - Using GeoGebra to Simulate Real Problems


An interesting problem made accessible for 8th-10th graders using GeoGebra.


Lesson 11 Polygons and Translation, Checkboxes


This lesson demos some of the new features of GeoGebra 3. It is not complicated!

screencast construction protocol boolean


 Lesson 12 Fitting a Curve to an Image

This lesson demos some of the new features of GeoGebra 3.1 (pre-release). You can do everything in GGB3 except fit the curve to the points since the FitLine function is a NEW feature in GeoGebra 3.1.

screencast geogebra image scatterplot fitcurve least squares


 Lesson 13 Animating your GeoGebra Activity - It is easy!

This lesson shows how easy it is to add animation to your GeoGebra activity

screencast geogebra animate animation


 Lesson 14 Reduced Fractions and Coefficients
  NOTE: July 2009. I have not checked out the new fraction display in GeoGebra 3.2.  This lesson may become obsolete. :)

This lesson is on how to present reduced fractions and coefficients with GeoGebra

screencast geogebra fractions coefficients

  * There is no need for sgn() function anywhere - my brain must have been fried.

    Math247 GeoGebra (Links to all GeoGebra resources on this site.)   Got something special you want to see or show?  Contact me.

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Dani said

at 4:47 pm on Aug 8, 2008

I am very grateful for the effort and quality work that was put into it. I plan to use it in my classes and also to let the local math community know about it. In addition I am preparing enrichment exercises for this.

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