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Make your own mathcasts

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New!  2 easy and free ways to create mathcasts are using VoiceThread and Jing.


  1. VoiceThread - www.VoiceThread.com is free or very inexpensive for educators.

      Browser based tool - works on IE or Firefox and on PCs or Macs.  We used VoiceThread along with images

      captured using TechSmith SnagIt to create 500+ mathcasts in about 30 days for our K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project.


  2. Jing or JingPro - www.JingProject.com from TechSmith.

      Works on PCs or Macs.  Free (Jing) or $14.95 per year (JingPro). 

      You can record up to 5 minute mathcasts with Jing or JingPro and then easily share them through a free 2 GB

      Screencast.com (also from TechSmith) account or in many other ways (embedded in InterWrite Workspace notebooks, SMART Notebooks, etc).

      Jing (free) will produce only to .swf (Flash) output format which means mathcasts created with it are not editable

      Jing allows you choose whether to copy a link to your screencast or the embed code to the clipboard.  The

      latter makes it incredibly easy to create a mathcast or screencast and embed it in your blog, wiki, etc.


      You can embed VoiceThreads, Jing videos, Camtasia recorded videos, YouTube, and TeacherTube videos

      in blogs, wikis, FaceBook, etc pages.  To embed mathcasts in PBWiki use the HTML/JavaScript Plugin and paste

      embed code in the box, click Preview, and then OK.


Getting Started: Includes new "From Start to Finish" series



Article: "Whiteboard Math Movies"
How to Afford a Mathcast Studio

Mathcasts - Tools
   (New info on VoiceThread and Jing)


Tutorials and a Book


More About Mathcasts
   Add a Table of Contents NEW Jan2009
   In the News



   Q and A

   Sharing and Distributing Mathcasts
   What is a mathcast?


 Animated GIFs like the one above. Not quite mathcasts but small, easy to make, easy to record and produce (with Camtasia Studio - no kidding!) and then easy to share, easy to change, easy to translate...


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