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Mathcasts - Pencasts - LiveScribe SmartPen

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TinyURL to this page: http://tinyurl.com/52uz76              Livescribe Blog - New!

The new Pulse SmartPen by LiveScribe shows great promise as a tool for easily creating and sharing mathcasts (etc)

without the need to be tethered to a computer while recording the writing and audio.


Creating "Mathcasts" Using the LiveScribe SmartPen

  On Kathy Post's Making Math Meaningful wiki (opens in a new window)


Advantages of Pencasts vs Traditional Mathcasts

  Advantages of Pencasts vs Traditional Mathcasts - By Graeme MacNeil (See his excellent site for mathcasts and physicscasts - phicasts)


How to create and share a pencast

    Get link, embed code, download, or comment on this video  


TinyURL to this section:  http://tinyurl.com/bq5xtb


Pencasts by Students

  1. By 6th Graders - Julie McLeod's students

    Allen, TX, USA. 

  2. By 5th Graders - Kevin Fix's students

    Columbus Middle School, WI, USA (see #8 - #10).

    More mathcasts by 5th graders from Columbus Middle School (Columbus, WI

    TinyURL to this section. http://tinyurl.com/b89gkz


Pencasts by Teachers

  1. Math - In English

    A very interactive review with student participation (8th grade) - Will open in a new window
  2. Math - In Spanish: - La Mediana

    1. La Mediana (in Spanish) - Find the Mean of 3 Numbers

        Get Adobe Flash player


      By Angela George (Bilingual teacher at Mitchell Elementary School, Milwaukee, WI, USA)

    2. More coming soon!
  3. Math - In English (Australian)

    Degrees and Radian Measure (more to come soon) - Will open in a new window
  4. Math - In English - Find the area of a parallelogram



              By Keri Heusdens (6th grade teacher at McKinley Middle School, Kenosha USD, WI)

  5. Physics

    AP Physics in particular
  6. Chemistry

    College chemistry

    TinyURL to this section: http://tinyurl.com/dl8fqv

  7. Business Education

    Supply & Demand

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    How to embed pencasts

      In blogs, web pages, wikis


    Educational applications

      Science, art, world languages visit LiveScribe - Educational Applications 


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