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Mathcasts By Teachers

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Mathcasts by Teachers and other Professionals


Tim Fahlberg (Monona, WI -USA) began pioneering mathcasts (originally known as math movies and then Whiteboard Movies) in 1997 with the support of a grant from the Issaquah Schools Foundation.  More under History of Mathcasts.


eShauna Hedgepeth was recently featured in a TechSmith's Education newsletter article for her work (and her students work) with Jing.  Visit her site - click Podcasts.


Colleen King (MA-USA) has many mathcasts on her Math Playground site.

She also contributed a number of excellent mathcasts using VoiceThread to our K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project.

Here's a link to a couple of them: 7AF1-2


Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska (FYR Macedonia) and Rev. Graeme MacNeil (Australia) have presented to international audiences and have received large grants to fund their innovative use of mathcasts to improve mathematics education in their countries .


Linda has contributed over 100 mathcasts to our Calculus section (some of which are over 30 minutes long), the entire GeoGebra section, two books (ExamView and mathcasting methods), and mathcast databases that make it easy to find mathcasts by topic and keyword.


Graeme has contributed presentations about mathcasts, a testimonial about the impact of mathcasts on his teaching & life , reasons why mathcasts are valuable to students, teachers, and parents, new methods for mathcasting (including the Agent Character Method - see examples on his site), the only mathcast scoring rubric available (as of 11/30/2007), and links to many of his and his students' mathcasts (see below).


Sol Lederman (NM-USA) Wild About Math!, began adding mathcasts to his blog. 


Martha Thornburgh (WA-USA) gave a wonderful presentation at NCCE 2004 on the topic of Whiteboard Movies in which she showed videos of her 5th grade students talking about the process of creating mathcasts and why they liked to do it (in Seattle, Washington, USA) on March 18th, 2005.


Patty O'Flynn (WA-USA) high school math teacher in Woodland, Washington, as presented numerous times, written articles for major educational journals, and has her high school students creating lots of mathcasts (see below). 


Patty O'Flynn and her colleague Kash VanCleef received a $10,000 Qwest grant specifically for mathcasting tools (read more).


Martha Thornburgh, Teresa Vaughn, Michael Guelker-Cone, and Mary Nowicki-Sullivan

from Lincoln Elementary in Mt. Vernon, WA, USA also received a $10,000 Qwest grant related to mathcasting but with global connections (read more).


Mary Moore (WA-USA) and her 3rd grade students' work with mathcasts were featured in an article in the Tri-Cities journal in Washington State (see Mathcasts in the News - October 26, 2004).  Many of her students mathcasts are featured on our Mathcasts By Students page.


Jake Nonis (WA-USA) and Tim Fahlberg (WI-USA) were featured in an Issaquah Press article (Washington State, US) and have presented together nationally (in the US that is) at NECC in 2005. 


Dani Novak (Ithaca-NY) teaches Math at Ithaca College.  Recently discovered  this amazing method for teaching number sense to young children through the Fibonacci Sequence and sound patterns.  This connection was discovered in India thousands of years before it appears in the west.


  1. Tim Fahlberg, former math teacher: Mathcasts are pretty much all here on this site.
  2. Rev. Dr. Graeme MacNeil, high school math teacher

    (Queensland, Australia): Mathcasts (teacher & student created)

    See his web site: The Math MakerClick here to go straight to the MathCast pages.

  3. Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, college math professor

    (Bitola, Macedonia): Mathcasts (Choose 'Watch Wartnose Work) and 100+ here  on calculus and trig

    Visit her web sites:  PmWiki, Step-by-Step Math.

  4. Julie Dansby, Mann Middle School, math teacher

    (CloverPark SD, WA, USA) :  Mathcasts

  5. Jake Nonis, Newport High School, math teacher

    (Bellevue SD, WA, USA):   Mathcasts

    Visit his web site: Newport High School

  6. Martha Thornburgh, 5th grade teacher

    (Mt. Vernon, WA, USA):  Student videos (includes many mathcasts)

    Visit her web site: Lincoln Elementary School

  7. Joe LaMontagne, math teacher (USA): 

    Mathcasts  (Very professionally captioned with Camtasia Effects)

  8. Patty O'Flynn, Woodland High School, math teacher

    (Woodland SD, Woodland, WA, USA)

    Visit her website: Woodland SD and read her blog ("Patty Papers").


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