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Pencasts - Chemistry

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Taken from http://ualr.edu/rebelford/chem1300/chem1300.htm  - Pencasts by Dr. Bob Belford


See Tim Fahlberg's edlivescribe blog post about this here: http://www.edlivescribe.com/?p=98


1.C Pencasts

These are experimental pencasts using a livescribe pulse pen. This material is under development and I am not happy with the way they are currently posted. Be sure to turn your speakers on.


a. Algebra Review:

PV=nRT, solve for R


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E=hc/lambda, solve for lambda

Pencast 1.2    

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Q=mc(TF-TI), solve for TF

Pencast 1.3    

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mCcC(TF-TC) = -mHcH(TF-TH), solve for TH

Pencast 1.4 

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mCcC(TF-TC) = -mHcH(TF-TH), solve for TF

Pencast 1.5  

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E = R[(1/ni2)- (1/nf2)], solve for nf

Pencast 1.6  

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b. Arithmetic with Scientific Notation and SI Prefixes:

Pencast1.7 Addition and Substraction of numbers in Scientific Notation
Pencast 1.8 Multiplication and Division of numbers in Scientific Notation
Pencast 1.9 Converting SI prefixes for numbers in scientific notation


c. Percent Calculations

Pencast1.10 Calculating Mass % from the Mass of Two Species
Pencast 1.11 Calculating Mass from Mass % and the Mass of Other Species


d. Calculations Involving Conversion Factors or Temperature Conversions

Please note that the pencapture software has some flaws and some of the penstrokes are not presented as they were performed. Like when I cancelled out a unit, it is now showing that occuring as I write the unit, not afterwards. You need to follow the logic of the audio file.

Pencast1.12 Volume from length measurements
Pencast 1.13 Mass from Volume and Density
Pencast1.14 Fahrenheit from Celsius Measurements
Pencast 1.15 Celsius from Fahrenheit Measurements


How to embed these pencasts in your web page(s)

  1. Use Chuck Duncan's method
  2. Copy


I'm (Tim Fahlberg that is) very grateful for the work that Chuck Duncan of KET has done with pencasts for AP Physics.

It was the discovery of his extraordinary work (see his Homework Help for AP Physics B) that enabled me to puzzle out how to embed pencasts in a PBWiki page.

See this page for more details: How to embed a pencast into a PBWiki page.     



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