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Presentations about mathcasts

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Making Mathcasts Creatable and Accessible by All Students

  At AT Across the Lifespan

  Co-presented with Jill Gierach, MSE, ATP, CESA 2, Milton, Wisconsin, USA



On Classroom Live 2.0: http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/05/mathcasts-special-guest-tim-fahlberg.html

  Hosted by Kim Caise, Peggy George, and Lorna Costantini

  Tim Fahlberg was joined by Graeme MacNeil (The Math Maker), Colleen King (Math Playground)

  Handouts:  Coming soon (please ask)


Mathcasts, Wikis, and Blogs (Oh My!): Thinking, Doing and Sharing Mathematics Out Loud

  Green Lake Math Conference (WI, USA) - Tim Fahlberg - May 7, 2009

  Handout (pdf)   


    Mathcasts/pencasts created during presentation


  1. Factor Tree - Anne Blaedow - Graphics tablet, Jing, SMART Notebook

  2. Find the area of a parallelogram - Keri Heusdens - LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen

    Hide the ghosted writing by going full screen, clicking Set Display Mode, and choosing Hide Preview.

          Get Adobe Flash player

          By Keri Heusdens (6th grade teacher at McKinley Middle School, Kenosha USD, WI)



Make a Mathcast:   Presentation slides  Handouts and links

MACUL (MI, USA) - Jim Dornberg - March 20, 2009

  Jim has also given many other excellent presentations.  View resources and links for them here.




Mathcast Spaces: Thinking, Doing, and Sharing Mathematics Out Loud

  NECC 2008 - Tim Fahlberg, Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Robert Fant Martha Thornburgh


Mathcasts Wikis Blogs (Oh my!): Thinking, Doing, and Sharing Mathematics Out Loud

  Green Lake Math Conference - Tim Fahlberg - May 2, 2008





Thinking, Reasoning, and Working Mathematically out loud with MathCasts]

Rev. Graeme MacNeil's Presentation - April 18, 2006


Mathcasts EPTE'06 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska's Presentation October 2006





"Whiteboard Movies: Students Can Show the World What They Know"

  Martha Thornbugh's Presentation, Spring 2005

  NCCE 2005:   Presentation at NCCE in Seattle, WA, USA


"Creating Whiteboard Movies to Teach, add to ePortfolios and Collaborate" 

  Presentation at NECC 2005 held in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tim Fahlberg and Jake Nonis' Presentation, Summer 2005





Creating Whiteboard Movies that Teach and Foster Collaboration

Tim Fahlberg's - Summer 2004

  Tim's notes and presentation from NECC 2004 held in New Orleans: 





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