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Sound Recording

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Sound recording


Some Pointers ...


For recording voice(s) at a computer

  1. Just about any $20-$30 headset with a built-in microphone will work well.
  2. $10 boom microphone or clip on microphones work pretty well. A stand alone microphone is also quite useful for creating movies by multiple people who are working together (two students, two teachers, or a tutor and a tutee).
  3. Plantronics and Logitech make several USB headsets for about $50 that gives somewhat better results than less expensive headsets. Plantronics makes several folding headsets.
  4. Buy one or more splitters (about $10 each) if you want two people to share headsets or microphones. This makes it simple to collaborate.
  5. TechSmith sells various recording devices including clip on microphones in their store.


For recording voice(s) away from your computer


  1. Using a Bluetooth microphone paired with a Bluetooth adaptor (USB device or built in to your computer).
    1. Directions on pairing microphone with computer:  http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=903
      1. A preliminary step requires you have to download and install the Widcomm bluetooth headset profile.
  2. Using a FrontRow sound system
    1. Connect audio out from FrontRow box to audio in on computer.
    2. Test/change the recording level.

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