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Vectors and Matrices with GeoGebra

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Vectors & Matrices with GeoGebra - NEW

 == You do NOT need to install GeoGebra to use these files === but it's free and great so here's the link: Get GeoGebra

      GeoGebra-Math247    (Links to all GeoGebra resources on this site.)

Translation of Figures in the Plane - Matrix Transformations

   by Nicholas Bennett - Algebra 2.

Area of a Paralellogram - 2x2 Determinant

Did you know that the area of parallelogram with a vertex at 0 is the determinant of the radius vectors? I didn't.


Adding Vectors


GeoGebra Menus
  - Lists of open menus wiith tool-icon and commands
         in a handy two-page handout - pdf format.



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Comments (1)

Dani said

at 5:48 am on Aug 9, 2008

This is very useful lesson. I Like to see Matrices and vectors as extension of numbers. It puts things in perspective. It all started with natural numbers and gradually evolved and now we can look at "Squares of numbers" etc. By actually doing these GG constructions themselves students are "Doing the Math" and learning it intrinsically

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