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What's new

Page history last edited by Tim Fahlberg 14 years, 7 months ago



What's new?    What's new for GeoGebra?



03/01/2009  LiveScribe mathcasts by 6th graders (TRF)


02/25/2009  Mathcasts created with a document camera (TRF)


01/23/2009  Why I Love Jing Pro (TRF)


10/10/2008 Scratch Spinner (LFS)


09/23/2008 ExamView Question Banks for Physics (RGM)


09/09/2008 Scratch activities (LFS)


09/08/2008 Animated race car activity for slope (LFS)


01/27/2008 New student mathcasts added by South Paris Collaborative. (LP)


01/18/2008 Updated page Why Should Students create mathcasts. (TRF)


01/17/2008 Created Zoho-Meeting  page - times for meetings to be scheduled on page (TRF)


01/11/2007 Set up eInstruction wiki and added link in sidebar of math247 (TRF)


12/17/2007 South Paris Collaborative 5th grade students join the K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project (TRF)


12/3/2007  Mathcasts, ExamView, and GeoGebra blog launched at www.mathcasts.org. (TRF)


12/1/2007 Added direct link to Mathcast Scoring Rubric by Graeme MacNeil.  See Mathcast Scoring Rubric. (TRF)


11/30/2007 Sol Lederman shares his first mathcast (created with VoiceThread & a mouse) in his Wild About Math blog post "The first Wild About Math! mathcast" (TRF)


11/29/2007 Links added to Rev. Graeme MacNeil and his students' work (mathcasts, methods for creating mathcasts, rubric, etc).  See Mathcasts By Teachers (TRF)


10/8/2007  Launch of new VoiceThread Mathcast Library Project - Help us make it grow by contributing mathcasts with your voice & writing! (TRF)


... Many things including moving to this new wiki, work by Linda with GeoGebra, large grants for teachers, etc, etc.


04/20/2007 New grade 9-10 standards-aligned section with mathcasts, practice tests, SMART Notebook, etc. (TRF)


04/11/2007 Algebra Reworked - added Standards, Glossary and 135 ExamView Questions  (LFS)


04/10/2007 Good Questions for Algebra and Functions - ideas by RF (LFS)


04/09/2007 Fixed "Collection" Links (LFS)


04/08/2007 Algebra with GeoGebra - with jsMath and open&close hints - ideas by RF (LFS)


03/25/2007 Physics with GeoGebra- animated GeoGebra activity


03/18/2007 Began adding mathcasts for WASL High School Math Practice Test


03/08/2007 Two $10,000 grants were awarded by Qwest to teams of teachers in Washington State

                    which will focus on having students create mathcasts.  See http://www.k12.wa.us/EdTech/Qwest.aspx


03/03/2007 Database for GeoGebra Resources at Math247.  It currently indexes 80 resources. (LFS)


02/23/2007 Added new screencasts showing mathcast creation methods: See Getting Started or Tutorials and a Book (TRF)


02/22/2007 Constructing Rectangles (Student Activity 3) -  Geometry with GeoGebra (LFS)


02/15/2007 Script-o-matic for Lesson 9: Learn and use GeoGebra (LFS)


02/14/2007 Valentine's Day - I love Algebra: Added EV bank for Pre-Algebra: Algebra and Functions (LFS)


02/08/2007 Section for Good Questions started (LFS)


02/07/2007 Algebra with GeoGebra (LFS)


02/06/2007 Screencast: How-to make dynamic online tests with ExamView on your LAN or website. (LFS)


02/05/2007 TechSmith begins sponsorship of our JotSpot wiki (TRF)


02/03/2007 Pre-Calculus with GeoGebra (LFS)


02/01/2007 Article "Screencasts, Mathcasts, and Wikis" in TechSmith Education Newsletter (TRF)


02/01/2007 Added link to French mathcasts


01/29/2007 Added link to extraordinary set of mathcasts by 3rd - 8th Graders to Mathcasts by Students (TRF)


01/25/2007 Calculus with GeoGebra and Learn and Use GeoGebra - Lesson 8 (LFS)


01/23/2007 Mathcast and Screencast: How I made it this mathcast (LFS)


01/15/2007 Mathcasts Blog (TRF)


01/10/2007 ExamView Library page opened


01/06/2007 Six ggb interactive worksheets for sinx and cosx


12/28/2006 Links to Trigonometry MathCasts - Flash and iPod


12/23/2006 PAlg3 - Added ExamView banks (LFS)


12/20/2006 Fixed pages with now-disallowed symbols (LFS and timf)


12/18/2006 Learn and Use GeoGebra Page - Lesson 7 completed (LFS)


12/13/2006 Geometry with GeoGebra - Exploratory lessons for educators to give their students (LFS)


11/28/2006 Added Part 1 of a new "From Start to Finish" series -

                   Shows how to create & produce mathcasts using SMART Notebook + Camtasia Studio & Screencast.com


11/22/2006 Learn and Use GeoGebra Page (LFS)


11/18/2006 Database Page: DBs for G4-7, Alg2, Calc, POD (LFS)


11/16/2006 Added section for ExamView - By FSCreations. (timf)


11/12/2006 Added a Database for Intermediate Algebra.  It currently indexes 121 mathcasts. (LFS)


11/9/2006   Added a Database for Calculus.  It currently indexes 101 mathcasts. (LFS)

11/9/2006   Added a review of ThinkingBlocks.com (Colleen King's newest site) (LFS)

11/7/2006   Added Teaching Tools section with links to CPS, ExamView, GeoGebra Lessons. (LFS)


10/31/2006  WASL Problem of the Day POD series launched. (timf)


LFS = Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska

timf = Tim Fahlberg


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